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Library Updates

Golden Tickets are hiding all over the library. If a student finds a book with a Golden Ticket inside, they can AR test on it and, when they pass, can bring Mrs. Summers the ticket for a prize. Prizes are given out at the end of each nine weeks.
August 2017
Welcome back to Heritage!  I can't wait to see you in the library! 
This year be ready to learn more about Melvil Dewey and the Dewey System, book care and parts of a book, and genres and how to find them in Destiny. 
Every few weeks I will post a Dewey range and more about what you will find in that section.  Did you know that all of the dog and cat books talking about care of pets are found in 636 in the library?  What about ghosts and aliens?  Can you tell me where those are found?  Let me know what subject you want to know about and keep an eye out for our bulletin board with all of the information.
For the younger kids I will be teaching all of the parts of a book and how to take care of our books and the library.  Many know the spine of the book and where to find the barcode, but do you know where to find the publisher?  What about the illustrator's name?  Get ready to discover more about your favorite book!
Many students come in frustrated about what books to read and not knowing where to find them.  We will learn about genres, take a genre test to see what are your favorites, and learn how to search for them in Destiny.  You may just discover a whole new section of books you love!
See you soon!