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School Policies & Reports

School Policies & Reports


Attendance is vital to our students' overall academic success. Heritage will follow the district and state attendance guidelines. All students are encouraged to attend school every day.

Perfect attendance will be recognized each nine weeks and at the end of the school year.


When a student returns from being absent, a written note of explanation or a doctor's note must be submitted within 3 school days. After a significant amount of absences, a student may be required to submit a doctor's note for all future absences.

Tardy Policy

The school day is from 7:50 a.m. - 3:10 p.m. When a student arrives at the classroom later than 7:50, he/she will report to the office for a tardy slip, and then proceed to class. Should a child arrive at school after 8:00 a.m., a parent/guardian must escort the students to the office.
Parents will be contacted by telephone if their child does not report to campus by 8:15 a.m.  We are making every effort to ensure the safety of Heritage Elementary students.
School officials understand that occasionally traffic, weather or oversleeping may cause a student to be late. However, persistent tardiness will not be tolerated.
La Porte ISD Administrative Guidelines- Tardy Management
Students who enter into the building late, are in the hallway/cafeteria area after the tardy bell rings, or are late to their first class at the beginning of each school day will be signed in on the "tardy sweep" folder and will receive the following consequences:
    * 1st Offense- Verbal or written warning
    * 2nd Offense- Parent Contact
    * 3rd Offense- Warning Letter
    * 4th Offense- Recess/Lunch Detention
    * 5th Offense- Mandatory Parent Conference (Overnight Suspension: Students must be accompanied to school the next day by a  parent/guardian to meet with the appropriate     administrator.
    *6th Offense- regarding excessive tardies. Student may not return to class until this requirement is complete.   The consequences will be determined by administration. The consequences may include, but are not limited to ISS time, Saturday School for students and parent and/or other 
appropriate disciplinary action.
    * 7th Offense- (or failure to attend Saturday School)- Referral to District Disciplinary Committee.
Note: The District regrets the possibility of imposing disciplinary consequences on elementary students; however, these consequences are intended to encourage parent involvement and compliance with district tardy policies.


Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick Up Procedures

Morning Drop Off

For the safety of all students, we ask that you remain in your car during the drop off period. The cafeteria and gym doors open at 7:15 each morning. For the safety of your child, please do not drop your child off before 7:15, staff members are not on duty until this time. If a child is not in the classroom by 7:50, he/she is considered tardy.

Breakfast is served each morning until 7:45. If you would like to eat breakfast with your child, you must sign is and get a badge through our front office.

Car Rider Dismissal Information

School will be dismissed at 3:10. The official pick-up zone is located on Aaron Street. Each student will receive a Student Car-Rider Identification Card with the registration packet. Parents and guardians will remain in their automobiles with the Student Car-Rider Identification Card posted on the Front Dash of the Automobile. For the student's safety, the Student will not be placed in a vehicle that does not have a Student Car-Rider Identification Card posted in the window. (Extra Student Car-Rider Identification Cards will be provided upon request) The teacher on duty will walk the student to the appropriately identified automobile. Please notify the office of any changes prior to 2:00.
Parents without the Student Car-Rider Identification Card will report to the office to check the student out. A photo identification will be needed.

Walk-Up Pick-up -
For the safety of the students and adults, parents will not be allowed to walk-up to the Car Rider Area to pick up their child.