Please review our classroom policies

Be a Hero!
Codes for Conduct Marks: HERO

H- Helpful,  E- Engaged, R- Respectful, Responsible & Ready to
Work, O-On Task & Attentive to Directions

Classroom Consequences:
1. Warning
2. 1st Conduct mark - 10 minutes off recess
3. 2nd Conduct mark - no recess, reflect on behavior, parent contact
4. Office referral

Weekly Conduct Grade:
1 mark- 90%   2 marks- 80%   3 marks- 70%   4+ marks- 60%

Weekly Work Habits Grade:
Work habits grades will reflect completion of assignments/homework, showing work as directed, daily parent/guardian signature on planner and other tasks as assigned.
Students who do not complete assigned tasks will lose recess time and/or attend study hall.
Student Planners:
The student’s planner must be signed every night and returned to school the next day.  It is the student’s responsibility to bring this to the parent/guardian for the required signature.  Please encourage and support your student while creating a routine to remember this responsibility.
Student conduct marks and homework assignments will be recorded in the student planner.  As you sign each night, please discuss conduct, homework, and upcoming tests with your student. 
Attending class is imperative for learning and success.  If a student absence is unavoidable, it is his/her responsibility to collect the make-up work. If you know that your child is going to be absent, please give us advanced notice so that we can try to gather needed work. Please remember to send a note for all absences within three days of that absence.
Please send a note with your student if there is a change in transportation.  If there is a change during the school day, you may email or call and leave a voicemail before 2:00pm to ensure that the information is received.  Without receiving communication from the parent/guardian, transportation cannot be changed.
Dress Code:
The dress code will be strictly enforced.  Please refer to the La Porte ISD Dress Code for information.
Cell Phones:
Students are encouraged not to bring cell phones to class. If a student does have a cell phone, it must be turned off and remain in their backpack throughout the school day.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information regarding the school cell phone policy.