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Ms. Cardenas

Welcome to First Grade! I can't wait to get this school year started! This page is mainly about the importance of family involvement in your student's learning. One of my goals is to not only teach your students, but to help you be involved and "in the know" as much as possible. Below you can find information, advice, tips, etc. to help your child become a better reader. Please feel free to contact me with any questions! 


In order to become a better reader, students need to practice reading.  To encourage reading, Heritage Elementary uses the Accelerated Reader (AR) program.  The AR program levels books and provides comprehension tests which enables each child to read and test on books on their individual reading level.  Each student has been assigned a reading goal by their teacher.  As an incentive for the students to reach their AR goal, HRE will host two school wide events: one midyear celebration and the other in May. Students could also receive book marks, extra recess, dress passes, game time, etc. In order to attend each event, your child must meet all grade level and individual requirements. Each student must have an eighty-five percent average, an average book level that is within their individual range, and have met the minimum requirements for each grade level.


Your child’s Accelerated Reader Student Record Report will be sent home every four weeks with your child’s Progress Report and Report Card.  


The minimum requirements for each grade level are listed below:


1st Grade     1st and 2nd nine weeks – 600 minutes 

                     3rd and 4th nine weeks – 8  Non Fiction books and 8 Fiction books @ 85%  


I am asking that you encourage your child to read so that he/she will meet his/her goal and be able to attend each school wide event. 


Here are some helpful interactive websites that are FREE :)








Tips for reading at home:

1. Choose books that are at your child's reading level.

*Five finger rule: Open to any page, and have your child read it out loud. If they miss more that five words, then it is too hard. 

2. Choose books that your child is interested in reading.

3. Keep plenty of reading materials such as books, magazines, comics, etc. 

4. Check for understanding: Ask questions about what they are reading. Encourage them to make connections to themselves, other books, and the world. 

5. 15 - 20 minutes is plenty of time for a beginning reader :)

If you need me, my contact Information is:
*If you are a parent, don't forget that you can reach me through Remind!